European Funds

Project title:
The introduction of Mobilwag’s electric scales product to markets with high potential in terms of industry and agriculture in the form of Lithuania and Ukraine.
Purpose and planned effect of the project:
Mobilwag, planning its export activities and expansion into foreign markets, commissioned an external company to verify selected countries for the sale of products in the form of electronic scales (overrun truck scales, industrial scales, stainless steel scales) As part of the analysis, 5 potential foreign markets were surveyed, and eventually the consulting company recommended two markets: Ukraine and Lithuania.
Mobilwag expects that as a result of internationalization:
(a) will acquire new foreign markets in the form of Ukraine and Lithuania,
(a) will acquire new foreign markets in the form of Ukraine and Lithuania,
(c) it will receive an increase in revenue that will allow it to continuously improve its production line,
(d) will establish international contacts, and will reach out to new customers through whisper marketing, thanks to the professionalism and quality guarantee of its products,
(e) will develop its business, thanks to the experience gained through cooperation with international entities.
Measurable effects of project implementation:
– Number of internationalization business models prepared for implementation – 1;
– Number of new markets (countries) where the applicant has achieved readiness to start selling products – 2;
– Number of organized distribution channels to be implemented in target markets – 3.
Value of the project:
The total value of the project is – 791,382.00 PLN (in words: seven hundred ninety-one thousand three hundred eighty-two zlotys 00/100)
Contribution of European Funds:
Project funding constituting de minimis aid – 546,890.00 PLN (in words: five hundred forty six thousand eight hundred ninety zloty 00/100)
Implementation date:
2021-11-01 – 2023-05-31
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