We cordially invite you to take advantage of Mobilwag’s offer for the legalization of scales.

We act quickly, professionally, and in accordance with current regulations. We realize that our customers’ time is very important. Therefore, we pick up the scales from the place of use, then the legalization of truck scales, industrial scales, etc. is performed, and then we take them back. Our offer includes legalization of all types of scales. These include automotive models, as well as industrial scales, store scales, laboratory scales, and mechanical scales.

What distinguishes our proposal is the possibility of renting a replacement scale free of charge for the duration of the service.

We guarantee the highest quality of service, short turnaround time, and constant contact and information on a regular basis.

If you are interested in performing primary or revalidation, calibration, service review of scales in our company, please call us to make an appointment at telephone number:  793 071 071. By calling you can also get information on whether the scale is subject to mandatory legalization and when the validity period of legalization ends. A scale with legalization is an essential tool for many companies.

The following are basic definitions from the Law of May 11, 2001. Measurement Law.

Legal metrological control (legalization) is subject to scales used in:

The measuring instrument should be submitted for revalidation:

Which scales must be legalized?

All placed on the market or in use, used or stored in readiness for use, subject to legal metrological control. Scales – legalization is a very important part of keeping a scale fit for use.

calibration of balancesCalibration of scales – activities that establish the relationship between the values of the measurand indicated by the measuring instrument and the corresponding values of physical quantities, realized by the standard of the unit of measurement.

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