Vehicle scales

They are an indispensable device in any company that deals with logistics in its broadest sense today. They come as overrun, elevated, recessed, steel or steel-concrete.

Platform scales - legalized and illegalized

o an essential tool for any company that deals with extensive logistics today. The need to weigh goods, Euro-pallets, etc. has made platform scales a standard alongside warehouses, production halls, warehouses, sorting plants, factories. Possibility of price negotiation!

Cheap platform scales - illegalized

If the scale is used for its own purposes to check the weight of some commodity and will not be used for commercial settlements, then the ideal solution is to use an illegal platform scale.

Stainless scales - legalized

Scales designed for use in extremely harsh environments. Resistant to adverse external factors. Airtight scales with a high degree of leakage.

Inventory scales - legalized

The scale is designed for weighing livestock, cattle and other livestock. Electronic scale with built-in moving object weighing function.

Vehicle scale - mobile

Lightweight portable scale, dedicated to coal depots, scrap metal collection points and vehicle dismantling stations. Mobile scale designed for weighing vans, small trucks. The advantages of this design are its affordability, mobility and versatility.

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