Vehicle scales

Vehicle overrun scales are products designed to measure the weight of vehicles. They are usually permanently mounted in places where it is necessary to control the weight of vehicles frequently. Steel-concrete truck scales are primarily used for weighing trucks for toll collection, loading calculations or road safety inspections.

Overrun scales - what do they consist of?

The truck scale consists of a mechanical part and electronic equipment. The mechanical part, which the truck scales have, is the weighing platform and strain gauge sensors, along with bearings to ensure optimal load transfer and overload protection. The weighing electronics consist of a universal, programmable measurement and control system, making the overrun truck scales truly functional. The transducers that truck scales have, thanks to the constancy of parameters over time and resistance to environmental factors, ensure long-term operation. The measurement and control system provides extensive opportunities for further processing and analysis of weighing results.

The overrun scales we offer you are nowadays insanely important measuring devices. Virtually every car must be weighed before going on the road. Therefore, in addition to the sorting plant, production hall, warehouse, factory, it is also worthwhile to have a truck scale on the premises. It can be either an overrun or recessed truck scale. We also offer galvanized truck scales on request.

Vehicle overrun scales - why should you buy from us?

With extensive experience in the production, service and legalization of all types of vehicle scales, i.e. elevated scales or sunken scales, Mobilwag employees, selected the best technological solutions for you. Comprehensive knowledge and skills of our specialists guarantee you reliable performance of the tasks commissioned to us. We fulfill orders for steel scales, steel-concrete scales and concrete scales.

Through the use of modern technological solutions, we are able to meet even the highest requirements of our customers and at the same time make our products and services meet all the standards set by legislation. As a manufacturer of truck and industrial scales, we use the latest technology in the scales we offer. Our truck scales are built on high-strength steel construction for use in harsh environments. All our scales are sandblasted and double-painted.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Mobilwag company has the necessary approvals and certificates to produce truck scales, which are subjected to Conformity Check and legalization in accordance with current regulations, applicable in Poland and the European Union. Our truck scales, as well as industrial scales, manufactured by our company, are equipped with electronic measuring systems ofenomination European companies such as RHEWA, RINSTRUM, OHAUS, SENSOCAR, FLINTEC, ZEMIC, SARTORIUS, KELI.

In addition, we are also involved in hybridization, that is, converting mechanical scales into electronic measuring systems. We offer you a full range of services, from expert advice through supervision of project implementation to installation and legalization of the weighing device. This saves you valuable time by leaving it up to us to perform a number of tedious steps prior to the physical use of the device. As an independent company, we are characterized by punctuality, integrity and high quality service. Adequate equipment and a highly qualified staff of specialists, allows us to carry out most of the services in-house, which allows us to significantly reduce the cost of repair, and thus provide you with very competitive service prices.

We provide professional and reliable advice.

Indeed, for our customers, we have prepared several systems to choose from:

What sets us apart from the competition?

Prefabricated truck scales

Steel and concrete truck scales

Steel truck scales

Mobile truck scale

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